Why Chameleon Shoes? text

Here are some if the features that make Chameleon Shoes kits great! 


Kids will go through at least 10 shoe sizes before they turn 5. With these kits, you’ll always have the right size on hand without having to go shopping each time they outgrow a pair. 



Starting at $109 for the baby kit or $129 for the toddler kits, these kits make good shoes much more affordable than the traditional approach to buying kids’ shoes.



Our kids tested them, our friends’ kids tested them, our neighbourhood kids tested them - they’re made to last as long as your children need them.



The right shoe size is important. Shoes that are too small can cause blisters, hinder growth or even be downright painful. Shoes that are too big can cause chafing, stumbling and can be bothersome when climbing and running.



The shoes are designed to be comfortable. 


The hanging organizer is designed for easy storage. It is solid and will keep the shoes organized until you need them. You can also get the hanging organizer on its own if you already have a mess of shoes to organize. 



We designed them in fun, gender-neutral colours that kids will love. 


Environmentally friendly 

The shoes come with their hanging organizer - no plastic wrap, papers or tags. Less packaging for less waste!


Great gift idea! 

The Chameleon Shoes kits make a great baby shower or first birthday present. The parents around you will thank you for years to come!