About us

Who are we? 

We are parents of 3 wonderful, energetic, chaotic kids.  One day, our eldest came home from daycare with a note saying that her shoes were too small, and that we should send a new pair the next day. Of course, with both of us working full-time jobs on atypical schedules, we had no time to go shoe shopping that evening. That got us thinking about how practical it would be if we just bought all the sizes - of course, our kids were sure to need them all eventually anyway! At the same time, we started looking for a way to keep all those shoes organized. 

A quick search told us there was no such product available. It was also obvious that kids’ shoes were way too expensive, with very few options for under 50$ per pair for good quality shoes.

So Chameleon Shoes kits were born - from our desire to offer parents an option that is both practical and affordable! 

We designed a hanging organizer that could hold six pairs of children's shoes. The kits come with all the shoe sizes your growing baby / toddler will need, tucked neatly into a hanging organizer to keep them out of the way until you need them. Introducing ''Chameleon Shoes''!  The right shoe, at the right time.  All the time.


Community support program

We think it’s important that ALL kids have access to good shoes. That’s why decided to integrate a community support program to our business model - for every ten kits sold, we will donate one kit to a daycare or shelter. 
Do you know of a daycare or shelter that could use some shoes? Send us an email at info@chameleonshoes.ca to nominate them!